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Non listed numbers

Non listed numbersTelephones are the easiest way to connect people even at far distances. Discover the facts that differentiate between listed and non listed numbers. Telephone directories are made so that people can find their relatives of friend’s numbers in an easy way. But sometimes people don’t get their numbers updated in the yellow pages or the phone books due to some reasons or the other. When the numbers are not printed they are said to be non listed numbers as no information about these numbers are available in the telephone directories. But now with the help of latest technology you can find the details of the unlisted numbers.

People think that when they publish their name, address and their numbers in the telephone directory they are not save as any one can know their numbers and harres them. So they decide to go for the option of non listed numbers. But at the same time this can sometimes create problem when you are in search of an important number and that is not printed in the yellow pages. Sometimes when people have to pay a huge amount of money regarding their bill to the telephone exchange they use the facility of non listed numbers to escape from paying the bill. The numbers of the cellular phones are not printed in any directory like we have for the fixed line phones. So there is different software to detect the non listed numbers of the cell phones. When you are trying to find the address of the unlisted numbers than you should hire some professional company to complete your search. You can also go for the programs like reverse phone look up to gather the information about the number you were looking for. Sometimes it become a very difficult task in detecting the person with the unlisted number but it is not impossible.

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With the development of new technology phone numbers and the information regarding the non listed numbers can be seen. There are many websites on the internet which provide you the facility of giving you the details of the non listed numbers. You are not charged very high for this service in fact some of the websites offer you this facility at free of cost. Mostly survey companies use the unlisted numbers to make their calls and if you are annoyed by receiving their continuous calls you can use the software to stop these calls coming on your cell phones or the fixed line phones. There are many different sources available on the internet to provide you the information regarding the non listed numbers. Sometimes people think that by not getting their number printed in the telephone directories their privacy is maintained. One should know that the unpublished numbers totally differ from the unlisted numbers. Unpublished numbers are those that are by mistake left in printing or will be latter printed in the yellow pages. While the non listed numbers are those that are intentionally not printed in the telephone directories on the request of that particular customer.

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